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Xihe Kitaro/Kit Vulpik, Kitsune Swordsfox
I ordered this HeroForge 3D-printed miniature of Kit some time ago, but I only recently finally decided I was done painting him. Kit is my Kitsune Unchained Rogue/Fighter/Duelist/Swashbuckler character in a Reign of Winter campaign with my family's Pathfinder party, who's been a ton of fun to play.
Kuroneka, Catfolk Ninja
This was actually my birthday present for my mom--a miniature of her catfolk ninja in our current Pathfinder game. I ordered it off of Heroforge (so it's a 3D-printed figure, hence the rough texture), and then painted it. I think it turned out quite well!
If you're wondering, I do have a couple websites I write on. First is, where I'm (slowly) writing a novel. It's still in very rough draft form, so I'd like some (constructive) criticism. The other one right now is, where I'm doing some RPing for my Guild Wars 2 character. He got annoyed with me not RPing him in-game, so he insisted I write for him, instead.


United States
I'm a writer and a software developer--so not exactly an artist. If you're wondering why I'm on deviantArt, it's mostly to follow all my friends who *are* artists. I'll probably post up some of my writing at some point, too.


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