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Xihe Kitaro/Kit Vulpik, Kitsune Swordsfox by Almonihah Xihe Kitaro/Kit Vulpik, Kitsune Swordsfox :iconalmonihah:Almonihah 0 6 Kuroneka, Catfolk Ninja by Almonihah Kuroneka, Catfolk Ninja :iconalmonihah:Almonihah 2 2 Reaper Kickstarter Griffon! by Almonihah Reaper Kickstarter Griffon! :iconalmonihah:Almonihah 5 4 Reaper Kickstarter Blue Dragon by Almonihah Reaper Kickstarter Blue Dragon :iconalmonihah:Almonihah 9 0 Lizardman Reaper Kickstarter figure by Almonihah Lizardman Reaper Kickstarter figure :iconalmonihah:Almonihah 2 1
SPOILERS--Garkhen's last words
That was... so many years ago now. After this, we traveled together for a few years, having many adventures and, I should like to think, bringing much good into the world.
But as with all else, our companionship ended in time. I heard of troubles in Ferdunan again, but was unable to convince my companions to accompany me. And so I returned alone, to again fight for this nation that has become my home.
My actions during this war attracted the notice of the King, who saw fit to give me the duchy of a Duke whose line was destroyed in the fighting. I ruled as such for many years, at first alone, and later with my beloved by my side. How she won me I have written elsewhere, and that we cared deeply for one another my numerous descendants can attest, so I will pass on for now to my friends.
Almonihah Zrathanzon and Zakhin'Dakh journeyed together for a few years more after my departure, until a lady griffon nearly as large and perhaps even more intelligent than Zakhin'Dakh attracted his atten
:iconalmonihah:Almonihah 0 0
The self of a mere few centuries ago would not have even understood the concept of putting words on paper, but now, after so long hidden among men, it is as familiar to me as eating, as breath. It is the only salve for my loneliness, pitiful balm though it is for such a vast wound. I dare not get too close to any human, for fear I shall give myself away, and of my own kind I am, insofar as I have been able to determine, the last by at least a century. And so I write, that I may at least talk to myself of those things which weigh so heavily upon my soul.
Soul... there is another idea which I once thought little of. A dragon, if not killed, may live nearly forever, and so has little reason to think of something beyond this life, but I have had much occasion to think of these things since I last saw one of my kin so many years ago. Will I see them again after I die? Or will dragon-kind be extinguished eternally when I finally succumb to one of the myriad threats that seek my life? If you
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Ciptiri's Journal
November 13, 10349 YAC
I thought this morning, during my meditation, of what has brought me here, the many winds I have flown to arrive here. Certainly this place is far from my father's estate in Mytia, both in physical distance and in my personal journey. Not quite as far, perhaps, from my time as a scout and a guard. Certainly the skills from my old professions are of great use in my wanderings, and my purpose is not so greatly different. Defend the innocent. Protect the weak. Seek to better the world in whatever way I can.
But what has truly brought me here? Why have I flown this course, rather than wandering some other way? I am not sure I can answer this for certain now, but I cannot help but feel that I truly am here for a purpose. What purpose it may be, I am not certain, but I am certain that Namtilanortha is still mindful of me, and I feel that the winds I have flown have flowed forth from Her.
Regardless, I cannot help but feel that I am here for some greater reason than wha
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Traherne and Silvertail--character background by Almonihah Traherne and Silvertail--character background :iconalmonihah:Almonihah 0 0


Wyvern Taur - colored sketch commission by Lizkay Wyvern Taur - colored sketch commission :iconlizkay:Lizkay 47 16 Boitata Topia challenge by CindyWorks Boitata Topia challenge :iconcindyworks:CindyWorks 120 15 The Sun - 78 Mythical Tarot by windfalcon The Sun - 78 Mythical Tarot :iconwindfalcon:windfalcon 339 17 Sacred Earth by Goldenwolf Sacred Earth :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 766 23 Stride by LhuneArt Stride :iconlhuneart:LhuneArt 780 52 2018.4 harmony by Howlitzer 2018.4 harmony :iconhowlitzer:Howlitzer 75 4 Demon of Night by Pechschwinge Demon of Night :iconpechschwinge:Pechschwinge 177 17 Cycia by CindyWorks Cycia :iconcindyworks:CindyWorks 94 9 Of the Cosmos by noctem-tenebris Of the Cosmos :iconnoctem-tenebris:noctem-tenebris 611 117 Night Meeting by Red-IzaK Night Meeting :iconred-izak:Red-IzaK 261 16 Nekomata arguing with Kitsune by akreon Nekomata arguing with Kitsune :iconakreon:akreon 1,854 47 Parchment Dragon by noctem-tenebris Parchment Dragon :iconnoctem-tenebris:noctem-tenebris 291 38 Danny the Tiger Owl Griffin by arvalis Danny the Tiger Owl Griffin :iconarvalis:arvalis 11,996 485 Llelwen Moonshadow by Scaleeth Llelwen Moonshadow :iconscaleeth:Scaleeth 54 8 Darkness Falls by Shinerai Darkness Falls :iconshinerai:Shinerai 1,285 96 The joy of flying by CindyWorks The joy of flying :iconcindyworks:CindyWorks 124 22
If you're wondering, I do have a couple websites I write on. First is, where I'm (slowly) writing a novel. It's still in very rough draft form, so I'd like some (constructive) criticism. The other one right now is, where I'm doing some RPing for my Guild Wars 2 character. He got annoyed with me not RPing him in-game, so he insisted I write for him, instead.


United States
I'm a writer and a software developer--so not exactly an artist. If you're wondering why I'm on deviantArt, it's mostly to follow all my friends who *are* artists. I'll probably post up some of my writing at some point, too.


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